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Rules And RegulationsGeneral RulesYour opinions can be stated as long unless it is non-tolerable.We suggest being an active poster, and not just spamming or leeching.Posting in the correct forums, if you accidentally post in the wrong one PM a global moderator.Having all words in your post with capital letters may seem offensive, Don't use CAPS in ur post, it could look offensiveHelp out rather than verbally abuse people.Respect decisions of the staff, as they are final.If you have a problem with another member, PM a staff member, and they'll deal with it.One account per person, people with more than one account will be banned.Avatar RulesIts size cannot be greater than 100x100 pixels (height x width).If found to be offensive by a staff member, they may remove it without notice.Advertising of any kind through your avatar is never permitted.Any form of Nudity is prohibited.Signature RulesIf images are found to be offensive by a staff member, they may remove it without notice.You may have up to two images in your signature.You can only advertise in your signature with permission from an administrator.Signatures cannot contain more than one non-UDF link.Image placed in the signature cannot be bigger than 300x600 pixels (height x width).Posting RulesDo not post hacking utilities, flooders, email harvesters/spam tools, or virus development tools.Do not post any message that is obscene, vulgar, homophobic, hateful, racist, threatening or that may violate any laws.Non-informational posts on topics which ask a question are not wanted.Always add a valid links.Do not finish somones request when others are trying to, you give them no confidence. Wait 12 hours, and then you may post it.No trading or selling accounts or money.Unparliamentary language should not be used.Reply with something sensible and relevant to the topic.Starting a thread about post count celebrations is only allowed when a member has reached the following numbers: Code: Select all500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 15000, 20000Do not double post in any topic.Posting in topics that have been dead for one week will cause a warning.Do not write where your message has been sent from.Posts which contain one word are not allowed.Warning SystemA maximum of 3 warnings can be given to a member of this forum, these can be earned by breaking any of the above rules. After the third warning your account will be banned. Depending on the severity of the reason of the warnings, it may be a temporary ban. Ways to get a WARNING or a BANArguing with a mod or admin. They have the warning and ban buttons, you don't.Reposts will receive a warning, then a infraction.Double-posts will receive a warning, then a infraction.Posting or sending privates messages containing porn content if found, you will be banned immediately.Excessive swearing will receive a warning, then a infraction.Requesting hacking/cracking/phreaking/flooding/spamming utilities will have you banned immediately.Advertising other forums will have your permissions removed.Spamming via PM will have your permissions removed.Results Of BreakageFailure to adhere to these rules may result in the reduction of your post count, use of the mingertron (change of avatar/signature and access limits), or in extreme circumstances, a permanent ban. In circumstances where an intentional or malicious attack is made on the forum or any user we reserve the right to publish IP addresses and other information that will identify the source.New rules may be added at any time. Please read the rules very carefully and always keep yourself updated as violations may lead to a ban.Thank you,The Management